Sunday, January 15, 2012

Outback Honeymoon, Part 3 by Neale Sourna

Outback Honeymoon, Part 3 by Neale Sourna [romantic fiction]

Coober Pedy, South Australia; 1920

Nude, sun- and wind-kissed skin impregnated by improper, desirous thoughts and naked feeling.

That's what I was having, wasn't I? But, love of spirit was good, and love of heart was good, so shouldn't the open love of the body, especially the naked body of a man, who belonged to me, be as well?

"What's wrong, Maddy love?" Even his voice warms me.

"Nothing. Just stupid fluff in my brain," I said, without enough breath in me.

"Ah, congestion of the mind, eh?" He smiled too sweetly, looking terribly smug about something.


"Well, let me help. What's the culprit obscuring your fine, clear thoughts, girl?" I can't lie, not to an honest face like that, with eyes…. But, I couldn't really just say, "You," could I?

Pete tilted his head, silently encouraging me to proceed. I tried to swallow what felt like a dry, spiky rock. The "culprit," the object of my open desir—.

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