Thursday, April 07, 2016

My answer to a possible client. Actually, I seemed to have worked for this person....

My answer to a possible client. Actually, I seemed to have worked for this person / group before; and they were unpleasant in the work last Aug and I had to arbitrate at in early Sept last.

The same client I.D. invited me last Sept. I reminded them we were apparently in dispute.

The same client I.D. invited me again this month, we've been talking amiably. I've finally had to ask, if they have more than one person using the ID. Or the person is.... What?

My answer to this possible client, re-client? about not playing CYOA games:

CLIENT: ...but you don't seem to play at all.


Gaming is not calming to me. I find limited personal fun and interest in them. That goes for card and table games, even chess, as well. It's just the way my brain functions.

I bore easily with playing the system; but making the puzzle of a well-told story about great characters that a client can come back to again and again is of high interest, though.

Other game companies have not even asked about play activity before ordering, they answer my questions from my game research and guide me with their corrections to suit what they specifically need and want, especially for new genres and then publish the stories I crafted for them.

There are a LOT of different styles and platforms, after all. Story and how to entertain are the cross over between RPG, CYO, and other successfully published online or card games I've worked on.

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Friday, April 01, 2016

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