Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Freelancer_epub available

The Freelancer_epub

Annie’s new temp, Ryan, with the fascinating ass ... and mind, is great at his job, even on his first day; but, he’s driving her to distraction and she can’t get anything done!

When Annie works late and alone, to catch up on work, gorgeous Ryan returns in order to show her what he’s really freelancing in; loving Annie.
_1602 wds

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North Coast Academies' Journal 1 (NCAJ1): North Coast Academies' Diary (NCAD) Vol. 1-3 Compiled_epub available

North Coast Academies' Journal 1 (NCAJ1): North Coast Academies' Diary (NCAD) Vol. 1-3 Compiled_epub

Journal compilation of six (6) hardcore, sexual short stories previously published individually, as "Neale Sourna's North Coast Academies' Diary" entries:
  1. Laila: Cozy With Daddy [7857 words];
  2. Yune: Suck My - - - - [3677 words];
  3. Ross: Daddy's Little Whore, uh, Seductress [8401 words];
  4. 3 Sex Views: Ross, Laila, and Sascha [16,337 words all 3 stories totaled]—
  • Sascha: Laila's Classmate—Public Parking, Sex Squared [8289 words];
  • Laila: Smarty Schoolgirl—Daddy's Willing Little Slut [3711 words];
  • Ross; Laila's Stepdad—My Daughter's Asshole Cherry [4337 words].

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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Dia's Team Bang (3)_epub available

Dia's Team Bang (3)_epub

Dia's the only cheerleader on the team bus filled with excited, champion ball players, managers, a middle-aged co-coach, and Mr. Dean, the one teacher / coach Dia'd open her lovely thighs wide for, anytime and anywhere, and secretly already has. Dia would do ANYTHING for her man's pleasure. 

So, Mr. D will test his girl's trust and love for him, because the man has a banging hot surprise for her AND his teenaged athletes, on the long ride home after their championship win. There will be slippery hot fun for all, as sweet Dia opens wide for her first willing gangbang. 

"Gentlemen, get in line."

_16,006 words

Table of Contents:
Falcons’ Team Bus—Night, Post Game
Team Bus—Her First Man - Coach Dean
      _Dia Strips for Coach
      _Dia Fellates Coach
      _Dia’s Throatfuck Fun
      _Dia Swallows Coach’s Cum
      _Dia’s Cunnilingus Fun
      _Dia Fucks Coach
Team Bus—Mr. Dean’s Fuck Laws
Team Bus—Who Fucks Her Next?
Team Bus—Side Games
Team Bus—Good Friend Stevie’s Turn
Team Bus—More Men
Team Bus—Gay Mr. Jones Assfucks Dia
Team Bus—Lesbian Ms. Smith Fingerfucks Dia
Team Bus—Co-Captain Yune, the Lover
Team Bus—Mr. Cross, the Roughneck
Team Bus—Dia Gets Rough Used
Team Bus—Co-Coach Carlson and More Boys
Empty Team Bus—School Parking & a Driver
Empty Team Bus—Mr. Dean Takes a Second Fuck

[excerpt, Full Short Story ON SALE] Dia’s Coach (1)

Synopsis_Dia’s Coach (1)

Mr. Dean’s House—Late Friday Night

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Dia's Weekend With Coach (2)_epub available

Dia's Weekend With Coach (2)_epub

Naughty cheerleader Dia continues her virgin lovemaking weekend with one of her school’s favorite teachers; Mr. Dean, the tri-state area’s most popular and winningest team coach, in two sports!

“Dean builds men!” the sports press crows.

Now, behind the closed doors of his home, Mr. D’s building a lover to satisfy his most intimate appetites, molding young Dia, teaching her what it means to “come of age,” while teaching this willing teenager wicked activities to play in all her feminine entrances.

Anything to please Mr. D pleases sweet Dia.

14,210 words approx. / Romantic Erotica (Hard)

Table of Contents:
  • Dia’s Weekend with Coach (2)
  • Mr. Dean’s Bed—Saturday Morning
  • A Breakfast at Mr. Dean’s
  • Snooping Around Mr. Dean’s
  • Mr. Dean’s Surprise Return
  • Mr. Dean’s Extra Meal of Dia
  • Presenting Her Backside to Mr. Dean
  • Getting to the Point, with Mr. Dean
  • Mr. Dean’s Other Surprise Guest
  • Mr. Dean’s Smells His Hand
  • Dia’s Nosy Mistake
  • Mr. Dean’s Closet Girl
  • Dia Comes Out of the Closet
  • Dia’s Time to Learn Ass-Loving
  • Mr. Dean’s Foreplay Sex Story
  • Mr. Dean Takes Dia on the Carpet
  • Chillin’ with Mr. Dean
  • Mr. Dean’s Nighttime Surprise
  • Dogs in the Ass Grass
  • Sunday Morning with Mr. Dean
  • Parting from Mr. Dean
  • Sexting Mr. Dean
  • Synopsis:  Dia’s Coach (1)
  • Synopsis:  Dia’s Team Bang (3)

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Dia's Coach (1)_epub now available

Dia's Coach (1)_epub

Dia is a naughty cheerleader, who prefers older men, well, one particular older man. She wants everyone's favorite team coach and teacher, Mr. Dean. He's been good and strong, resisting her; but, he's weakening.... 

And lovely young Dia always gets what she wants. So, when she slips into Mr. Dean's home, in nothing but lace and desire, he'll break and teach this “of age” teenager what a man, not a boy, really wants when in sex and hard love.

_10,746 words Hardcore XXX Romantic Erotica
_184 + 548 words additional 2 story excerpts

Table of Contents:
School—Main Hall—Day
Mr. Dean’s House—Front Door—Friday Evening
Mr. Dean’s Bedroom—Friday Evening
Mr. Dean’s Bed—Friday Evening
Mr. Dean’s Kitchen—Friday Evening
Mr. Dean’s Kitchen—Late Evening
Mr. Dean’s Kitchen—Friday, Full Night
Mr. Dean’s Office Den—Friday, Full Night
[bonus excerpt] Dia’s Weekend with Coach (Part 2)

Mr. Dean’s Bed—Saturday Morning

[bonus excerpt] Dia’s Team Bang (Part 3)

Team Bus—Friday Night, After the Game

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Hobble [An Adult Fiction] _ epub now available

Hobble [An Adult Fiction] _ epub
Half Native American medical professional BENNET GILLESPIE'S "off track" life dangerously spirals, as his compulsive and sexual, love entanglement with DAY, a "knife-happy" African American "innocent", and her overbearing, elderly British "guardian / stepfather" threatens to cost Benn more than his life._Full novel

[Fiction / Adult Fiction / Adult Erotica / Explicit / Erotica for Women / Dark Sensual Romance / Erotica / Dark Romantic Erotica / Dark Romantica™ / Paranormal / Psychological Erotica / Spiritual Erotica / Multiracial / Interracial / Literary Fiction]

"Dipping into several genres from erotica to mystery, even sprinkling a little comedy into the mix, Sourne created a story like no other. This ... tale had me shaking my head in astonishment and I can honestly say I never read anything like Hobble before. Sourne wrote a novel with such a large supply of twist and turns it'll have you dropping your mouth in shock. But be forewarned, Hobble has a crazy mix of characters.... 

"Some of the sex scenes had me (a person who loves erotica) squirming. Although the book is racy, it was an interesting read and should be picked up by anyone who enjoys reading something different from the norm."
--Joy Farringdon, Nubian Sistas Review
READ Full Review

"Hobble is a story of lust and obsessive sex...I was so moved...I went back to my (Franklin) dictionary...hobble means to limp along ... to impede ... to tie-up, shackle or leash...all of [which] were used in this steamy story, of sex, incest and betrayal!"
--Delores Thornton, Reviews

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Saturday, May 05, 2018

ebooks by Neale Sourna at PIE: Perception Is Everything - BUY at

Neale Sourna at PIE: Perception Is Everything

Neale has been authoring, editing, doing book/ebook layout and publishing about a decade and won's Best Erotica Novel award for her first novel, "Hobble," published through her own company, PIE: Perception Is Everything, and Neale successfully ranked as a finalist for New Century Screenplay's national contest for her script, "FRAMES." 

Neale also writes and edits for others through her writing company Neale Sourna's; including stories for the Orchid Games' / Sandlot Games distrib: Heartwild Solitaire Game Series and Inertia Software's Margrave Manor Game Series. Neale's many published works, for ebook, print and online, have an edge that always brings the reader back to the core of being human. 

"I don't write 'romance' stories, but character love stories.

neale sourna, payhip, ebooks, adult ebooks, adult fiction, erotica, erotica books, romance, erotic fiction, erotic romance, 

Saturday, April 07, 2018

Play online radio schedule at COOL MUSIC VARIETY, no playlists, but themes....

Play schedule at COOL MUSIC VARIETY, no playlists, but themes:

MON = Duplicates (originals, covers, remakes, remixes)
TUE = All 2999 songs and 1 station I.D.
WED = Female+Love+Endearments
THU = All
FRI = All
SAT = Women’s Names
SUN = All

Saturday, March 17, 2018

In editing mode for Becca DuMaurier

"Becca DuMaurier"
(a novel)

        It's 1688, in the midst of the Glorious Revolution, an English civil war between Protestants and Catholics which has international players interested from France, Ireland, and the Netherlands.
        But, British courtier Rebecca DeLann DuMaurier has more personal cares; she is on the run from a forced marriage to an elderly earl; she returns home to her stormy ocean-tossed Cornwall, where pirates sail the high seas and stalk the many tiny coves of Cornwall's shores.
        And where Cornwall's rocky, treacherous coast is but a stepping stone for lovely Becca, her soldier fiance and an intriguing Irish Catholic pirate Becca will soon meet just steps from her family home....

Monday, September 18, 2017

Cool Music Variety Online Radio - Don't Listen Unless You LOVE VARIETY!

Great music! Timeless music variety, eclectic classics both old and new; 1920s recordings to present. Lots of Cool Women, and men. Classic oldies & hits: pop, R&B / rhythm and blues, rock, hip hop, American country, jazz, swing, film music, symphony, world music; plus newbies, song originals, song covers, and more.... Share with a friend and visit for cool stories, books, ebooks, and more.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

New epubs of stories coming soon....

Full award winning novel: epub available now, kindle too, and print!


North Coast Academies' Journal 1
Short stories compiled: epub coming soon, kindle available!

Tad: The Switch-hitter, His Twink, and His Teacher
Novella / long short story: epub coming soon, kindle available!

Dia's Weekend with Coach (2)
New short story coming soon, including epub and kindle!

epub, kindle, stories, novel, novella, short story, short stories, interracial, teen sex, school sex, lolita, heterosexual, incest, homosexual

Saturday, April 29, 2017

How's this for Neale Sourna's online radio music variety...?
Yes, I'm still writing, editing, and publishing, republishing; but, in the meantime...

How's this for music variety...?


Ella Mae Morse
Milkman, Keep Those Bottles Quiet

Super Fresh Robots
On 2 Something


Armin Reynolds the Thundermaniac
Fracture part 1

Never as Good as the First Time

The Band
The Weight

Hm. Did you just miss these lovelies?

Prayer III

Rob Zombie
Living Dead Girl

Dixie Chicks
There's Your Trouble

The Band

Sheryl Crow
What I Can Do for You

The Jackson 5

Human Behaviour

previously: RayStar
Backpackers Don't Bounce

You just missed:

The Dirtmitts
Get On [DJ Lester Remix]

The Boswell Sisters
Everybody Loves My Baby

The Pointer Sisters
Love In Them There Hills

Brandi Carlile

Hamilton Original Broadway Cast
Dear Theodosia

The Supremes
You Can't Hurry Love

The Bangles
Be With You

Life Is A Rock (But The Radio Rolled Me)

First Class
Beach Baby

Elvis Presley; The Jordanaires
All Shook Up

Alanis Morissette

The Four Tops
Still Water (Love)

The Runaways
Cherry Bomb

Jace Everett
Bad Things

I Drive Alone [#]

cool music, music variety, Aerosmith, Super Fresh Robots, Garbage, Dixie Chicks, Björk, Pointer Sisters, Hamilton, Original, Broadway, Cast, The Four Tops, Ray Charles, En Vogue, Boardwalk Empire, Elvis, Presley, Jimi, Hendrix, RayStar

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Cool Music Variety_online radio: women, pop, rock, rnb, more...

Cool Music Variety

Great music! Timeless music variety, classics both old and new; 1920s to present. Lots of Cool Women, and some men. Classic oldies, classic pop, classic R&B, classic rock, classic hip hop, classic jazz, swing, film music, symphony, world music, newbies, song originals, song covers, and more....
 curated by Neale Sourna

Friday, April 07, 2017

Cool Music Variety (online radio) by Neale Sourna

Cool Music Variety

This is a Radionomy station

Great music! Timeless music variety, classics both old and new, from throughout ALL recorded history; 1920s to present. Classic oldies, classic pop, classic R & B, classic rock, classic hip hop, classic jazz, swing, film music, symphony, world music, new and old, song originals, song covers, and more....

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Reread Review of God Emperor of Dune by Frank Herbert

God Emperor of Dune (Dune Chronicles, #4)God Emperor of Dune by Frank Herbert

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A reread after few decades. More profound with the more life experience and the foolishness coming out of 1600 Pennsylvania AVE DC.

View all my reviews

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Neale Sourna's Eclectic and Covers Radio – Themes by Keywords

Eclectic and Covers Radio – Themes by Keywords

Hush / Gigolo / Gunn / RD Nowhere
Really Got Me / San Francisco
Tainted Love / Wave
On Broadway / P Jesus / Venus as Boy
Deep is UR Love / J Bond Theme
Burning Down / Sally Roses / Long Winding
Paranoid / Push It / Red Red Wine
Love Child / Man Loves Woman
Sympathy Devil
Fever / Que Sera / Shout
Train / Army
Fur Elise
Your Love
Marmalade / Bell
Games / Play
Blue Crying in Rain / Don't Let Sun Catch / Mercy
Red / Blue
Sisters / Brothers
Gold / Days
Waltz / Cherry / Cherry Bomb
Loving You / Love Machine / Sex
Bond / 007
Church / Jesus / Come Together
Spring / Light / Green
Take 1
Take 2
Take 3
Fun / Funk
Feel 1
Get Up / Afford / Cash
Animal 1
Go / Stay
Go / Stay 1
Location 1
Wild / Jungle
Body 1
NS 01
NS 02
Matrix / Moulin / Bjork / Vampire
Puccini / Ravel / Early Music
US Country
US World
R&B / Jazz Pop
(rhythm and blues)
Classical / Les Miz
Rock 1
HipHop / Rap
TV/Film/Theater 1
Rock 2
Women 2
TV/Film/Theater 2
Hip Hop/Rap 1
R&B/Jazz Pop 1 (rhythm and blues)

All (free play of entire catalog without themes)
Who What When Where Why How