Saturday, September 05, 2020

Another "Simple" Way I Name Characters_Sep 5, 2020 at 10:26 PM EST

This is a simple naming technique when writer characters and degenerating character names.


When I travel, to work or wherever, my stories and characters are percolating in the back or to the fore of my mind. Street addresses to name a character. Especially, ones that come one after another or conjoin at intersections can be helpful; because you can find interesting character names.


Just keep in mind if what you come up with relates to their ethnicity or culture, time period, financial level, etc.


Happy hunting.


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Friday, September 04, 2020

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Neale Sourna at PIE: Perception Is Everything

Neale has been authoring, editing, doing book/ebook layout and publishing about a decade and won's Best Erotica Novel award for her first novel, "Hobble," published through her own company, PIE: Perception Is Everything, and Neale successfully ranked as a finalist for New Century Screenplay's national contest for her script, "FRAMES." Neale also writes and edits for others through her writing company Neale Sourna's; including stories for the Orchid Games' / Sandlot Games distrib: Heartwild Solitaire Game Series and Inertia Software's Margrave Manor Game Series. Neale's many published works, for ebook, print and online, have an edge that always brings the reader back to the core of being human. "I don't write 'romance' stories, but character love stories.

Neale Sourna is creating Erotica, Romance; Interracial, Multiracial; Fiction Consulting at Patreon

 MISSION: Creating and crafting for you interesting, UNIQUE CHARACTERS of "race" who make you feel, learn, ad exercise your emotions and mind. Plus, you'll be giving me TIME and UNWORRIED FREEDOM to build and deliver more great stories, novels, and scripts for your pleasure.

       What is success? What is sustainability? Most authors, actors, and other artists cannot support themselves off what they make in a day job? Or that / those day job(s) cut into the emotional, physical, and spiritual energy required to Create and Make what you enjoy; what I enjoy creating and making and what you enjoy enjoying. But, you know that and that is why you are here.
         You know or are finding that a successful writer can win awards for great storytelling, become part of a legendary writers union, and win approvals and small jobs; but those don't equal adequate support to continue and finish long-standing or the physical materialization of new stories: novels, novella, short stories, scripts / screenplays, etc.
         Click here and check out my materials finished and in progress, before you go any further:

         Now, some of who I am, and my bona fides:

         I am Neale Sourna ( an award-winning author / publisher - screenwriter - game story narrative writer based in Cleveland (Garfield HTS), Ohio, USA, who "backed" into novel writing with self-prescribed short story exercises to work out ideas for TV scripts and feature screenplays. My first published work was "Hesitation" for PLAYGIRL, May 2002. I also edit and design (ebook and book covers plus interior layouts) of the character-driven stories published through PIE: Perception Is Everything (
         Some awards include my first published novel HOBBLE which won Best Romantic Erotica of the Year from; screenplay FRAMES which ranked as a New Century Screenplay Finalist; and Best storytelling @ White Nights Conference Game Narrative Awards for online video game METROPOLIS: LUX OBSCURA.
         I am a member of the Writer's Guild of America - West (WGA-w)'s Video Game Caucus; but not WGA-w proper. No AAA games, yet, y'know the kind that have name actors and their images in them; my clients have been smaller, independent European game developers not mult-million dollar companies.
         “Characters should have depth and reality, and be unique in their own way.” And how’s this for “range”? With life experience as a temp or perm employee in various fields besides writing; including: retail, business banking and wealth management, accounting, engineering, live theatre, cinema, music (vocal, instruments, and radio), erotic photo modeling, historical and cultural research, and even microgravity research at NASA, I build characters who have unique depth, freshness, and reader memorability.
         I am also a Founding Advisory Board Member for "Creative Screenwriting Journal", studied Graduate level Film & Video writing and analysis at American University, DC, and has a Performing Fine Arts Bachelor Degree from Lake Erie College, OH. And continues studies in game design, storytelling, research and confirmation, people observation, and yoga.
         I am a graduate of John F. Kennedy H.S. in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, a former (and again) student of Cuyahoga Community College (Digital Film & Editing, Game Design Building), an undergrad-intern semester at Mount Vernon College with the National Endowment for the Arts Opera-Musical Theatre Financial Distribution Program, and an academic term alone abroad in Vienna, Austria just living, making friends, and learning.
         And all of these experiences go into my writing, editing, storytelling.

         A fun fact. I share a birthday with these sensual and sensational authors the Marquis deSade of France and Thomas Hardy of England, which says a thing or two about my take on dramatic writing; all the senses reign.
         _Stories (mobi / kindle / epub) banned by Amazon Kindle or other vendors are available at: