Wednesday, December 17, 2014

NEW: Libidinous 1: Short Stories, Poems, and Novel Excerpts [Erotic]

Libidinous 1: Short Stories, Poems, and Novel Excerpts [Erotic]

approx. 77,974 words Total


Three—By Invitation Only

Poem: A Lesson in Passion

Hesitation [extended version from PLAYGIRL MAGAZINE version]

Dez at the Silver Pole


Poem: Tief [Deep]

Grant's Boone - Initial Interview

Pandora 72

Poem: Angel/Angelus


Steve's Monkey's Paw

Aegis [novel excerpt]

All Along the Watchtower, book 1 [novel excerpt]

Hobble (An Adult Fiction) [novel excerpt]

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

NaNoWriMo Forum question answer on: Sex scene? [writing them]

Great advice here. I had two sex scenes in a screenplay a long while back where one flowed nearly perfectly with few changes between bad girl and our hero and the other between him and the literal girl of  his dreams was completely redone about three to four times.

I knew exactly what the motivations, emotions, and character issues were for the bad girl and hero with bad girl.

But with the love interest, it took me a while to whittle it down to the right emotions, motivations, and character issues for a relationship that needed to be more than a bewitched booty call for the bad girl / bad witch trying to hook her guy magically while reenforcing it with sex. When love and a long-term commitment was on the line and the "good girl" / good witch, I found I had hangups I had to get out of the way.

Write. Then edit.

Rewrite. Edit.

Keep whittling and feeling or sensing your way through the who these people are and why they are having sex. The bad girl was entrapping him and he couldn't stop it then; but with the "good girl" [I make quotes because it is a loaded concept still in this culture] and the hero had a tender minefield of their own individual issues, goals, hopes and each touch, each kiss, each sigh, and choice of what they actually do comes from character and personal goals and writer complications as their ubergod.