Saturday, September 29, 2007

From Absolute Write Forum: The actor you picture playing your characters!

I didn't use to write with a particular actor in mind, but I now have so many stories, that in order to not have "generic tall, dark, and handsome guy with the same characterization" in everything, I've taken to "casting" as I write. Yes. It would be fantastic if the guy did it, or gal, but mostly I do it for the mannerisms and quirks that only a live person and not a flat mental image or model can give.

Benjamin Bratt and Anthony Hopkins for my novel Best Erotica novel "Hobble", the lead woman is an amalgam of Jasmine Guy, Salli Richardson, Halli Berry, and my nephew added Jessica Alba. And lovely Hudson Leick as Ben's "twin" sister. []

Eddie Spears--out of the loincloth--for my Victorian period novel that's wip and only in notebook, yet.

Redhead Gary Dourdan (lead), Russell Wong (lead) and Keanu Reeves (support) (these two as rich police brothers; eerily both left handed, scar on left brow, and same body type--Chinese) for "Aegis" wip novel. []

An amalgam of Marton Csokas (even stole his last name) as Xena's "Borias" for look - Keith Hamilton Cobb's "Tyr Anasazi" for look and fierceness - Keanu Reeves, again, to rescale the physical size and add his widely subtle acting range. [Yeah, I said it, get over it.] (Keith and Keanu are also both Shakespearean actors)

Oddly, I don't mentally cast most of my women characters, as they seem to be naturally different, but I definitely don't want to rewrite the exact same male over and over moving and looking the same. I guess it's MY character flaw, that's now quite fun.
Neale Sourna / Remember--PIE: Perception Is Everything

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Study: Men Men Go for Good Looks

Well, here's something old and yet new in which to reconsider and think and feel through as you form characters whose stories you tell.