Tuesday, March 17, 2015

50 SHADES OF GREY Thinking: Are the Alarmists Missing the Important Layers of This Fiction?

50 SHADES OF GREY Thinking: Are the Alarmists Missing the Important Layers of This Fiction?

Love is not separate from lust in a marriageable relationship.

Is the myth of virgin taming the wild thing lost on us today?

What is an inappropriate sexual first time? And all the blood and pain of a "traditional" wedding night is bull, and unnecessary except to those who think blood and pain prove virginity, not impatience and lack of foreplay.

Trust, whips, bindings. Do you trust your lover / spouse / significant other / partner?

What is the emotional and physical cost of redemption -- with your help -- for someone you love?

We're all piggybacking on the interest of this "controversy" but is the alarmists for domestic violence going too far in apparently proposing the attitude that properly agreed upon bondage, dominance, submission, and sado-masochistic behaviors LEAD to true violence and domination in physically intimate relationships without a woman's inability to stand for herself and say no.

That's not what I've learned from the news about bad and violent marriage, date rape, and war crimes. The nonplay crimes.

The limits change and can be misunderstood, that is a the end of the first book; Anastasia's misunderstanding what her limits are, and Christian's misunderstanding of his own motives (properly diagnosed, but he rejects that truth and internalizes the incorrect negative).

Are you certain she's not a sneaky dominant, rewriting or discarding his long held rules? And he the actual submissive submitting to her changes?

And never underestimate the charming fiction that we can influence and change someone with love; it can happen, but is not something you can count on or depend. But romantic female fiction is being loving and effective in that love; romantic male fiction is being hero and leader (soldier, warrior, cowboy, pirate, special ops).

Sunday, March 08, 2015

Game of Thrones Jon Snow family (supposition) by Neale Sourna

I've been on this thought since I read the first book and watched the first season, and the feeling behind the thought keeps getting more certain, or probable, since the book series is still being written and the TV series doesn't have to match it exactly, but has been closer than TRUE BLOOD / SOOKIE STACKHOUSE SERIES.

My supposition is this:

GoT Bastard and warg Jon Snow is not Eddard / Ned Stark's son but his stepson and nephew by blood, being his sister, the secret warg, Lady Lyanna Stark's child by Crown Prince RhaegarTargaryen or soon to be King Robert Baratheon.

Book VI not yet available.