Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Becca Comes Ashore, Part 5 by Neale Sourna

Becca Comes Ashore,
Part 5
by Neale Sourna

Donegal Bay, Ireland, 1680s

Despite his carrot red hair, she hadn't seen him, but he'd seen her and recognized her, and had followed, until the wily-eyed Irishman had noticed him, and so he'd slunk from direct sight, letting her go on.

She was alone with a man not her kinsman and most assuredly not her noble, poor husband. He amended that thought to "her noble husband," for to call the fearsome earl "poor" by mistake to his face or in any way it might return to him could prove disastrous. But, he had valuable information, now, and directly sent it by his most trusted and fleet messenger, to the earl—the current whereabouts of his adulterous new countess.

* * * *

Becca laughed and Aidan's gaze pulled back from the surrounding market crowd, to watch her do so, as she watched the cabin boy and his rat terrier run about the cursing vendors like mad to see so many new and interesting things in this Irish bay port. Aidan's gaze captured hers.

"Laughing at me, sir?"

"No. But you're laughing at the boy."

"He likes it when I notice him, although I make him quite nervous. Why is that?"http://www.romantic4ever.com/romantic-fiction/becca-05.html rest of short story / chapter novel excerpt

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