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Neale Sourna's LIBIDINOUS 1: Tenure_MMM (short story excerpt; on sale soon!!)

Tenure_MFM_ebook coverpublishing soon_May 2013

04.2_Tenure_MMM  READ excerpt
A bisexual, tenured, male college professor, bored at a Freshmen mixer, discovers two young freshmen boldly having sex openly — a gorgeous, brown-skinned classic Greek godling and a beautiful, gold-skinned mixed race male.

Prof’s enormous “Clydesdale - Shire” of a horse cock and his superior use of it makes the two pursue him and invite him for some very intimate, private fun during a dorm kegger night.

Prof may have tenure — basically a protected and permanent job — but, he might still just lose his job and career over these two.

But, do you think they’ll be worth it? Oh, yeah, Professor knows they will.

_11,483 words approx.


_4769+ words approx.
Total words: 16,641+

college; university; school; coed; fellatio; teen; sex; exhibitionist; voyeur; anal sex; gay; swing; football; dorm; fainting couch; fingerfuck; masturbation; condom; rubber; safe; throatfuck; top; switch; bottom; bisexual; interracial; dominant; urine sex; piss sex; urine; piss; raw sex; middle aged; middle-aged
The Freshmen/Faculty Mixer
Zil on His Knees
The Pretty Fuckers
Fucking a Coed & a Broken Condom
Professor’s Office
A Freshman Boy’s Kiss and Grope
A Freshman Boy Coed Visits
A Victorian Fainting Couch
A Bareback Freshman?
A Professor Unprepared for Class
The Dorm Kegger
Watching a Freshman Fuck a Tight End
A Professor and Two Freshmen
A Freshman Sucks & a Coed Boy Fingerfucked
Prof Recoups and Watches
Prof’s First Cock Taste
Fingerfucking a Boy’s Virgin Asshole
Assfucking a Boy’s Virgin Asshole
Assfucking Him on a Borrowed Bed
Rough Use & a Prof’s Ass Invaded

[more before (unfinished edit)]

Recognized him. Seen him crossing the quad. At the student union. A Freshman of superbly blended, indeterminate ethnicity. The kind people no­tice. The kind upperclassmen trip over one another to have. The kind male and female professors lose their jobs over and those other Students get pitched out on their ear for.
I’d learned the precocious and clever seventeen year old’s name, one afternoon, when someone’d called after him.
Zil on His Knees
I took another swig of my scotch and rocks, watching young Zil’s rigid dick beating time to the music of his incredible ass actively wiggling and ea­gerly banging back against the young godling’s, who leaned into Zil and furi­ously walloped in return, nads cracking against nads.
Zil was enjoying it and I was enjoying watching it and watching the boy’s obvious pleasure.
My own true pleasure was watching him getting banged by a big balled godling, whose face was now thrown back at an angle that still hid it.
Pretty fuckers fucking hard.
Shifting around, to take the pressure off my own distending nads proved helpful.
Then both my naughtily pretty darlings blew, hard, their crotches arched strongly together, their young balls—one pair hairless, the other fuzzy—shak­ing severely.
The one behind, with gloriously strong asscheeks dimpling, was grunt­ing in satisfaction with their activity, while Zil had his pretty head down, his entire body quaking, as he pinched tight his dickhead, which darkened to the color of ripe, fresh fruit before bursting, but not just yet, as he moaned, gasped, and made little “ah-ah” sounds.
I again shifted on my perch, as young Zil wiggled and must’ve tightened something inside, getting a yelp out of the one behind him, who quavered and spurted the last of his cum into Zil’s sweet, receptive anus.
I could see myself doing that, hell, I could feel it, already; I’d love to do that.
Meanwhile, Zil bore down and recklessly gushed his milk onto the red, antique carpet.
Zil’s lover leaned over him, chuckled, his well-muscled arm slipping around Zil’s slender waist, the lover’s face still hidden, he murmured into the lovely boy’s ear. Oddly, watching Zil stretch and rub his naked body against his naked lover like a bronze cat, for some reason, almost made me lose my wad in my shorts.
Then, the lover kissed Zil’s neck, shoulder, and slapped him hard on his magnificent golden tan ass, which quivered a little and colored a handful from his lover’s playful cruelty.
The Pretty Fuckers
Oh, I was right about the godling’s face. He looked directly at me, then slid out of Zil’s ass and stood, completely naked before me, prior to giving Zil a hand up.
The godling proved to be a colorful Michelangelo’s David, the glorious statue of the young pre-king shepherd that more people have whacked off to than any of us want to acknowledge.
These bad and bold children completely ignored me, as they dressed.
I snapped my fingers. It’s a trick I stumbled across with my own kids, since the loud snap always got their attention, and then annoyance, once they realized I snapped for the dog, as well.
These two deigned to finally look my way, finding me amusing; Zil also found the gaze I gave him a challenge, and imperiously headed my way. Damn. A breathtakingly beautiful man-child, and still mostly naked; the only thing he’d put on was a demi tee top.
Young David laughed at me.
Okay. My mouth had fallen a bit open. I’m in awe of true, stunning beauty. Who isn’t?
But, this was my break; I don’t blow chances as special as this.
Handjobs & Masturbation
Zil, smelling like sex, smelling like horny, just ass-fucked boy, came close enough for me to touch him.
So, my delighted fingertips touched vibrant young skin, starting at the inside of his firm, smooth calf, my thick fingers coursed up along his slightly ticklish inner knee, up his smooth, strong inner thigh, up and deep, feeling his lax cock on the back of my hand, as I ignored it, to caress his nads, before following the ridge there back, and rub my thick finger near his still lubed and thoroughly fuck-stretched, joy hole.
The pretty little cunt let me touch whatever I wanted. I took my sweet time touching heated . . . everything. I have large, strong, “gentle” fingers, “creative fingers”; I’ve been told that more than once.
You make beauty when you don’t have it.
Young Zil wasn’t complaining, gazing down on me, as I coaxed him clos­er, with the heel of my hand pressuring his nuts and three of my articulate, thick fingers exploring his well-used shithole, my hot palm, also pressuring and warming his p-spot.
But, he’d just had his sweet bum blasted thoroughly by perfect Young David over there; so, I had to make my point unequivocally clear.
Kids don’t listen, otherwise. You have to show them your authority and respect. Then, they’ll listen.
I removed my fingers, smelled them, then licked and sucked salty cum and tart anus flavors; enjoying both young men’s savory taste on my digits.
I know, I shouldn’t’ve been touching so much, without “protection.”
Meanwhile, our young David was already forgetting I existed.
However, I had delicious Zil’s full attention, as he leaned his sexual de­lights closer towards me.
Good. I poured some of my iced scotch along Zil’s young cock, making him gasp with the chill, as the splash soaked into the carpet, then I stroked the length of him, and lightly flicked my fingertip across his sensitive glans; making certain I didn’t forget the frenulum; that underside little sweet line of tissue of his cock’s head.
Zil said, “More.”
Pretty and a pig. Perfect.
Directly, Zil was “hm”-ing and “ooh”-ing and once again “ah”-ing, even managing a few “ohs.” He turned so my grip on him would be better, as I kept stroking him and the youth went steel hard in my hands, as I poured the last of my drink, anointing him, chilling him, then rewarming him with my hot and knowledgeable palm.
“Yesss, Professor, yyyes. More. Don’t stop. Oh, yeah, there . . . .”
I unzipped.
I saw David past Zil’s ass, fully dressed but watching us, long-stroking his perfect peter. Flawless. A Triple Crown Thoroughbred horse cock.
However, his eyes widened, when mine tumbled heavily out into my large mitt, in its eagerness and enlarged to its massive thickness and length, like a Macy float, that caught his full attention. Clydesdale, “in the house,” as my Students might say, since they see Clydies in beer commercials.
Personally, though, I’m a Shire; the largest heavy horse breed, for the biggest jobs. Not a cute, little Hobbit shire, not at all.
I have in fact been told, even by men—supposedly straight—in sports showers, that my long, beefy cock is my “beauty mark.” Wonderful, the one part of me not exactly available for daily, perpetual display, except at the beach or a pool, where I do very well for dates.
David’s eyes were still wide with lust—Yes, I know what lust for my cock looks like in another man’s eyes.
But, more importantly, his expression gave me hope and one particular thought which zoomed into then bounced around my brain, like a crazed sparrow in a box; a very distracting thought.
Of having them both . . . ?

He looked at me, with his stunningly odd eyes, before leaning close, his hot breath softly on my neck and ear, and whispered an invitation of: when, where, what.
Then, he mentioned something very interesting about Liz, who preter­naturally looked back; knowing she was being mentioned.
David scrutinized my face, which is something most people don’t like to do, or can do without making a face of their own. Some say it’s the composi­tion of my face, that it’s off; or it’s the frightening intensity my expressions can take. A few have said, it’s because I’m “pure evil.”
One was my ex.
Whatever, as the kids say; especially, when . . .
. . . when his lips softly brushed mine.
A Freshman Boy’s Kiss and Grope
“Then, he kissed me”—just like the 1960s song—hard, full on.
My brain was a bit surprised. I didn’t find it offensive or slap him upside the head.
Finding me compliant—no one’s ever said that about me—he pushed his tongue against my lips; I let him in. He was active and firm, I found myself returning the favor, holding the back of his curly haired head to ensure he didn’t stop too soon.
Simultaneously, I found his swelling crotch . . .
Watching a Freshman Fuck a Tight End
While, Ty and his beefy, muscular friend wore absolutly nothing; well, except the jock wore athletic socks and an off kilter jockstrap. I was still treat­ed to the sight of gorgeous, naked young men in a hotly aroused embrace, wrestling with their combined ardor.
What was not to like.
I quirked a smile, just for myself; I now had confirmation. I’d known I was correct two semesters back. And now the evidence was right before my greedy eyes.
Our heavily recruited, expensive, upperclassman tight end was grab­bing his pale ankles, so to speak, as Ty was completely abusing the man’s reddened shithole, in front of Mr. Varsity’s mom’s smiling picture.
He had her blue Saxony German eyes and his enormous late father’s blond Viking impressiveness, as I recalled from last year’s parents’ weekend.
Wonder if she truly knows? Or approves?
I imagined the portrait’s face making an “Oh, my god!” face, then avert­ing its eyes.
Zil was already getting me hot, that, and the full, close-up view of Ty’s masculine perfect lines, eight pack (something I’ve never had), and his fine, perfect thoroughbred cock, as I restood, while he and Zil eagerly peeled off my clothes.
I’m fairly fit, not a poster boy wet dream like this kid, Ty; but, I’m solid and strong enough to take and hold onto what I want. My size keeps students, who didn’t like the grades I’ve given, in their place, even the footballers.
Both kids touched my swelling hardness. The joyous upside of being so huge is that there’s enough for all; downside: some cunts, mouths, and anuses are just too small or to intimidated to correctly accommodate me.
That wasn’t my problem tonight.
There was a slapping of hands and snarling, sort of.
The children were squabbled, for a moment. I really thought they were going to fight for it (my cock) and come to blows; but, Ty’s the top of their relationship and Zil would have to wait her turn.
Explains why Zil cut himself in for a long, hard fuck the night before. He was probably still sore deep inside, and yet still begging for more.
At first, I was going to remain standing, but then realized that sitting I’d comfortably be the center of both my new Students’ industrious attentions.
Lips still sealed wide around hot and hard meat, Ty exchanged a long, knowing glance with Liz, who simply said:
“Told yah.”
Ty closed his eyes and hard-sucked from my meat pipe, to the tasty last, savoring my abundant cum with palate and tongue, before swallowing every drop I’d give him—always a great sight.
Repenetrating him, a little at a time, he’d push back for more and I filled him, stretching his anus wide.
“Good boy, my good lad. That’s it. Take it.”
“Mm,” he felt good, sheathing my mushroom fat cockhead . . . .
Oh, yes. He pushed back and I pushed in. A very good boy.
Young Ty was pleasing me with enthusiastic anal grasping and sucking on my chunky thick Shire, as I shoved it in him, inch by intrusive greedy, fat inch.
“Ah. Yes. More, Professor, more. Please,” was all he’d murmur over the din outside, except, “Don’t stop.As this gorgeous godling gave in to me, yielded his virgin insides to my wide and rude intrusion.
“Yeah. Don’t stop, Professor. Fuck his ass good,” Liz chimed in.
Not grammatically correct but that happens when arousal sets in.


[more before]

Studying with Professor
We eventually settled in cushy chairs, in my study, which seemed a nice middle ground between my official and formal office and the more personal rooms of my home.
“You ever play ball, Professor?”
“Yeah. Way back in the day. Football, soccer, rugby, wrestling. Anything rugged and full contact.” He clearly liked that, as he nodded.
“Yeah. Me, too.”
We exchanged more questions and discussed “smart stuff” and stories relevent and more kid friendly than most classes tend to be. I told TE he didn’t have to sit and could walk about, as we worked; so, he’d been strolling about the room but now stopped tossing the toy foam football he had.
He was staring at me, well, at my crotch.
I put my notes aside and was silent; eventually, he noticed the silence.
“Um, I didn’t get that one.”
“I didn’t ask a question. Is there something you want to ask me?”
“Um, yeah. Can I?”
He sat, glanced at my face then stared back at my crotch.
I know how to handle my silent, strong types; but, I . . . we were on the school grounds, even if it was the start of a long weekend, and my usual play­mates were off to play sweet child with their moms and dads.
“What’s your question, TE?”
“Is it true, sir? They, um, Ty and . . . . That you’re hung like a fucking Clydesdale and—.”
“More like a Shire.” He frowned; Shire’s don’t do sentimental or amus­ing beer commercials online. So, I explained. “Bigger. Well, biggest. If you’re talking all over horse meat.”
His mouth made a silent, Wow!
I undid my belt and top pants button, then made a gesture that implied he could have at it, if he wished, and see or touch whatever he—.
The greedy fucker scratched my belly as he quickly undid my pants and reached in, his big hand finding . . . .
He said exactly what I thought he was feeling.
He pulled out all the length and thickness anyone could possibly want. And I could see it clear in his eyes; it was more than he’d imagined and . . . he wanted it. Now.
Sucking Professor’s Cock
I caressed his bristly cheek, coaxing his head down and the whore, who wasn’t “gay,” “bisexual,” or “down low” rapped his masculine, greedy lips around the biggest thing he’d ever had in his mouth.
Unless, of course, he had actually sucked a Shire’s cock.
Mmmm,” he moaned.
“You like that, TE?”
He nodded happily, mouth filled wide with hardening, lengthening, hot meat. I’d known we’d end up here, the moment Bliss Tanner had said what “young man” had needed me. “Win him over, teach him,” and remold the boy.
I’d already known more about him than she had, that he loved it hard and thick and maybe even a tad humiliating.
Pardon the sexist expression; but, he was a girl about it.
Professor Fucks a Tight End
I told him to stand in the hallway, it was a deadzone as far as any win­dows were concerned, and I like how all the sounds of sex reverberate. Mo­ments later, I was back, naked, with two towels on my shoulder.
He liked that; his gazed eating me and heating me up, as I squirted lube into his hands and let him cover my cock.
I touched his warm raspberry red lips, to see if he were receptive; he sucked on my finger and gnawed the tip a bit.
All right. That’s a “yes.”
I kissed him. Tongues met, while beefy hands massaged and pulled cocks like taffy; his on mine, mine on his. He had enough cock, enough to do the job for male or female; but, what he really wanted, I’d seen in him before and gave to him, now, as I suddenly seized him and forced him around; his eyes wide and expectant.
“Ah.” When he gasped, that’s when I noticed he’d been holding his breath. I get that a lot, really, I do.
What delectable buttocks; strongly developed, muscles dimpling. Yes, I’d seen them before, as he’d been giving himself to the younger Ty. They were mine now. I fingered his hole and watched it twitch and tighten. Ah, not such a whore as yet, gaping wide open at every touch.
That made me think of someone else, as I parted him in half and filled his cock warmer with lube, reached around and handled some onto his cock, then had him wipe his hands on a towel.
“Palms on the wall. Assume the position.”
He dropped the towel and like a good felon, he now looked ready for a cop to pat him down; instead, his professor nosed at his shit hole with a cockhead the size of a fist.
I parked there for a while, as I wiped my hands on my own towel. The boy was breathing hard and I felt his anus opening, trying to grasp me. It felt like little kisses.
He was aggressive as hell on the field but with a cock at the entrance to his ass. . . .
I seized him by the hips . . . .
End of Excerpt

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