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Short Stories--Adult, Romance, Relation
Price: $150.00
Delivery time: 2 week(s)
Industry: Media, Advertising, Publishing, Entertainment
Details: Short or short short stories for online or other. Intriguing, deep character, erotic, relationship, or adult romantic. Heterosexual/Homosexual.

This price is approx. 300 words or less x 10 stories x $15. Or one 3000 word. Will adjust price up or down, depending on number of stories, actual word count, and amount of time and energy to craft a polished good story(ies) for you.

[Byline often preferred, but not absolutely required.]

Fiction Writing Consultation—Character Enrichment
Price: $150.00
Delivery time: 1 day(s)
Industry: Media, Advertising, Publishing, Entertainment
Details: Blah, blah, blah. Are your novel, screenplay, or short story characters flat and unrealistic? Are their personal exchanges one-dimensional and not filled with power? Are the actions they perform and speeches they give bland, uneventful, and lacking in drive? I can help you.

"...the narrative style is interesting story...I would read intrigued me. The heroine is unique."--Sensual Romance Reviews on Neale Sourna’s “Hobble.” []

Think Character and Interrelationship Enrichment.

Imagine your characters truly coming to life with new layers of thought and deep feeling, of intimacy and interrelationships, of great need and poignant want.

Imagine that they breathe and move with the same independent, codependent manner all live people do.

Two hour coaching consultation and brainstorming session (email; IM chat; or online, recorded verbal chat) on how you can make your particular characters and narrative thoughtful and emotionally involving.

Payment: SafePay Escrow.

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