Saturday, May 19, 2018

Dia's Coach (1)_epub now available

Dia's Coach (1)_epub

Dia is a naughty cheerleader, who prefers older men, well, one particular older man. She wants everyone's favorite team coach and teacher, Mr. Dean. He's been good and strong, resisting her; but, he's weakening.... 

And lovely young Dia always gets what she wants. So, when she slips into Mr. Dean's home, in nothing but lace and desire, he'll break and teach this “of age” teenager what a man, not a boy, really wants when in sex and hard love.

_10,746 words Hardcore XXX Romantic Erotica
_184 + 548 words additional 2 story excerpts

Table of Contents:
School—Main Hall—Day
Mr. Dean’s House—Front Door—Friday Evening
Mr. Dean’s Bedroom—Friday Evening
Mr. Dean’s Bed—Friday Evening
Mr. Dean’s Kitchen—Friday Evening
Mr. Dean’s Kitchen—Late Evening
Mr. Dean’s Kitchen—Friday, Full Night
Mr. Dean’s Office Den—Friday, Full Night
[bonus excerpt] Dia’s Weekend with Coach (Part 2)

Mr. Dean’s Bed—Saturday Morning

[bonus excerpt] Dia’s Team Bang (Part 3)

Team Bus—Friday Night, After the Game

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