Monday, October 31, 2011

Low pay and "work for hire" they want ALL RIGHTS crap. In my world, we share...

Remember that if you do a job project that is low rate and or "for hire," make certain the contract says it is for "as is" just like a car, they've bought "for hire" this story and characters as is and can use the story how they like; but--and it sounds cheeky or sneeky but they're not giving you much for hard work they can't do or write--you retain equal use of remodeled, extended story.

Rewrites keep article writers in the money.

I rewrite or extend the stories and publish them myself as ebooks and print books. That's more than the Ten US$ and a copy; which is standard old print magazine stuff, and they don't want to do payroll a bunch of times forever, but higher rates make happier writers.

_Neale Sourna

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