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New Spring Reads, New Summer Reads, New Fun Reads--Great Sexy Books/Ebooks, Fiction for Adults--On Sale, All Summer From PIE: Percept and Neale Sourna

Available, erotica romance author Neale Sourna’s new short story series [5000 words or more] “North Coast Academies’ Diary, Volume 1, Number 1, Laila: Cozy With Daddy,” with more issues to com; “Steve’s Monkey’s Paw & MORE,” a new sampler of short stories and novels excerpts; and a reprint/update of a romance award-winner Best Erotica Winner of 2004 “Hobble”--for readers and lovers of great storytelling from and about multiracial, interracial, African, and Native American contemporary literature.

Cleveland, OH (Press Release)

Publisher PIE: Perception Is Everything’s all-seeing-eye logo is overseeing its primary author erotica romance writer Neale Sourna’s new and revised book and journal issue catalog releases.

Just available are:

** an exciting new short story series, each published individually or in small groups [5000 words or more] “North Coast Academies’ Diary [NCAD], Volume 1, Number 1, Laila: Cozy With Daddy” [ISBN 0-9741950-5-7, ISSN 1553-8656, erotic obsession fiction, available as ebook Adobe/MS only at present, print version later this year] Neale Sourna’s NCAD is usually one short story per issue [i.e., approx. 5000 words / approx. 15 6.14”x9.21” story issue pgs], under the theme of sexual diary/journal entries of an academic community;

** “Steve’s Monkey’s Paw & MORE” [104 pages, US$3.95 SRP; also ebook Adobe, MS Reader], a new sampler of short stories [horror, enslavement, love, romance, and more] plus new novel and novella excerpts are included; and

** a reprint/update of a romance award-winner Best Erotica Winner of 2004 “Hobble” which also has bonus story materials [novel, explicit, 291 pages trade paperback, also ebooks Adobe, MS Reader, Palm, phone orders for print only 1-877-BUY-BOOK.

All for readers and lovers of great storytelling from and about multiracial, interracial, African, and Native American contemporary literature. No loincloths here, until Neale’s western is fully published.

Neale says, “I like and or have been compared to Zane, Jaid Black, and Anne Rice, but I see more parallel with Emily Bronte’s wild, sensual, sensuous, and mildly incestuous ‘Wuthering Heights’ in my stories; highly passionate, but with more sex and lovemaking, lots more. My hip-hop artist nephew recently came up with this -- ‘sex, romance, deception, manipulation, and vindication’ -- as his take on ‘Hobble,’ which is a good standard of my work in general. I’m adding his quote to my marketing. I also love that many have commented that they can’t get the novel back from their significant other. I love when they’re passionate about my storytelling and I love writing for adults and not family-oriented only. Remember, mature-rated is good, kids should have to wait like we did for the ‘good stuff,’ but we adults shouldn’t give up all that’s mature until the kids are grown enough. That’s ridiculous. The world’s not PG-rated, so why should daily, public, adult media pretend otherwise? Besides, which is more immediately corrupting, seeing murders and assaults on screen and in life or adults doing ‘icky and stupid stuff,’ like sex?”

“North Coast Academies’ Diary” Volume 1, Number 1-- “Laila: Cozy With Daddy” -- Brainy, multiracial, private school virgin, Laila, chooses her handsome seducer for her deflowering. 7857 words;

“Steve’s Monkey’s Paw and MORE” -- Steve is a horrid bad boy, envious of friend Alex’s turn-around attitude with his soon-to-be new love, Kara, but grandma’s monkey’s paw, gives Steve complete control over anyone he wants; even Alex’s sweet new lady; against her will.... Plus more, there are more stories published [PLAYGIRL] and fascinating excerpts from more novels soon to come.

“Hobble” -- Bennet Gillespie, a successful, yet burned out half Native American medical professional, a healer with psychic talent, crashes into a recuperating “innocent” beauty on the beach; beginning an obsessive and intense sexual triangle with the seductive, young African American, DAY, who’s jealously guarded by Hopkins, her overbearing, elderly British stepfather, and lover. [Neale is the model of Hobble’s cover, in full character as the deadly beauty, DAY]

Handsome Benn’s a genius and a master manipulator, but he could, in fact, literally lose his heart, his life, and his soul to the "knife-happy," legally insane Day, who’s desperate to be free of the prison mental ward lockdown to which she will be returned when the old man dies and free of this wealthy, well-connected man, who may have crippled her, and whom Benn may yet discover that their incestuous bond is closer by blood than she says.

Who is Neale Sourna?

Neale’s first novel to publish "Hobble" won the Year's Best Erotica Award and has published with PLAYGIRL Magazine, Distant Echoes military veterans’ magazine, and around the internet.

Neale’s favorite compliments she's received as a writer include an astonished comment from rocker-publisher Johnny Temple of Akashic Books and Girls Against Boys who, after reading his first excerpt of "Hobble" said he completely believed Neale was a man, which she plainly isn't in person. She says she hopefully is "a dude, mentally, when writing from a guy’s POV; which is a gift not a fetish." Another compliment comes from Traci, a young business owner in Cleveland who says Neale’s writing to her is better than Zane’s. Wow! So do we.

Visit the publisher at and most online search engines for more detailed information and excerpts of Neale's works. Search Amazon and other online stores, or ask your local brick and mortar store to order Neale’s works.


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