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On Ebook Readers from Hope Clark's Funds for Writers Newsletter

Volume 10, Issue 36
September 5, 2010


I've heard it all. E-readers are too expensive...they are just another toy...e-books cost too much...blah, blah, blah.

Hey, people. E-readers and e-books are making people read more. They aren't moving their books from paper to electronic, either. Most of them are reading electronically IN ADDITION TO reading paper. -- The ABCs of E-Reading, New Devices Are Changing Habits. People Are Reading More, Even While in a Kayak By GEOFFREY A. FOWLER And MARIE C. BACA

What does this mean for you?

1. More opportunity to land a contract.
2. More sales. [Yes!!--NS]
3. More chance to make a living as a writer. [Double, triple, quadruple Yes!!--NS]

People with e-readers seek out books. They feel entertained on those high-price electronic toys. They love the experience. Frankly, I'm not concerned with what the logic is. If e-readers
make people read more, I'm all for it! Write the books in crayon or laser beams, for all I care. I cheer for anything that peddles the written word.

11 million Americans are expected to own at least one digital reader by the end of September. U.S. e-book sales grew 183% in the first half of 2010. You can't blow off those numbers.

When I tout e-books, one or two readers fuss at me, accusing me of trying to slay the tradition of paper. I've heard "there's something about holding a book" as many times as I've read "writing is like breathing to me." It's become cliche.

I love this trend! Reading is resurging. And guess what? More men read e-books than women. It's opposite for paper books. Why is this so wonderful? Because little boys will be more inclined to read, if this statistic is solid.

This news excites me. I own a Kindle DX, and I have to admit that it's addictive. I also eye with envy the newest e-reading products. It's like buying a new phone, a new monitor, a new
laptop. You're intoxicated with the feel of that new electronic tool. You run home and open it up, maybe neglecting dinner and skipping a couple of television shows in order to play with it.

Hey, I see little wrong with reading binges. Sure beats the heck out of movie, television, video game and texting habits. It's reading back on track, on a high, and I'm all for it.

Hope Clark

Editor: C. Hope Clark
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