Wednesday, June 19, 2013

New Story Published: Tenure [M/M/M]

Tenure_MFM_ebook coverpublishing soon_June 2013. Really.

04.2_Tenure_MMM  READ excerpt
A bisexual, tenured, male college professor, bored at a Freshmen mixer, discovers two young freshmen boldly having sex openly — a gorgeous, brown-skinned classic Greek godling and a beautiful, gold-skinned mixed race male.

Prof’s enormous “Clydesdale - Shire” of a horse cock and his superior use of it makes the two pursue him and invite him for some very intimate, private fun during a dorm kegger night.

Prof may have tenure — basically a protected and permanent job — but, he might still just lose his job and career over these two.

But, do you think they’ll be worth it? Oh, yeah, Professor knows they will.

13,761 words approx.


_5934 words approx.
Total words: 19,695

college; university; school; coed; fellatio; teen; sex; exhibitionist; voyeur; anal sex; gay; swing; football; dorm; fainting couch; fingerfuck; masturbation; condom; rubber; safe; fellatio; throatfuck; top; switch; bottom; bisexual; interracial; dominant; urine sex; piss sex; urine; piss; raw sex; middle aged; middle-aged
The Freshmen/Faculty Mixer
Zil on His Knees
The Pretty Fuckers
Handjob on a Teen Slut
A Professor Exposes Himself
Fucking a Boy Coed & a Broken Condom
Professor’s Office
A Freshman Boy’s Kiss and Grope
A Freshman Boy Coed Visits
A Victorian Fainting Couch
A Bareback Freshman?
A Professor Unprepared for Class
The Dorm Kegger
Watching a Freshman Fuck a Tight End
A Professor and Two Freshmen
A Freshman Sucks & Another Handjerked
Prof Recoups and Watches
Prof’s First Cock Taste
Fingerfucking a Boy’s Virgin Asshole
Assfucking a Boy’s Virgin Asshole
Assfucking Him on a Borrowed Bed
Rough Use & a Prof’s Ass Invaded
BONUS—Professor Teaches The Tight End
A Professor Helps
Meet and Greet
Studying with Professor
Sucking Professor’s Cock
Professor Rewards a Tight End
Professor Fucks a Tight End
Professor Rips a Tight End Open
A Professor’s Goodnight

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